We set the direction
and strategy in
digital world

BAMNOVA specialises in digital platforms, cyber security solutions, and IoT applications. Our innovative team based in London are expert in creating innovative solutions in the futuristic digital world.

IoT Solutions

We are digital transformation experts in IoT, with extensive experience and capabilities across all topics related to cyber security in the IoT environment. We understand the critical importance and sensitivities of the

Cyber Security

BAMnova provides security posture assessment to organizations and understanding of their cybersecurity protection and cyber breach risk. Our experts help organizations stay safe from cybercrime through cyber..

Digital Transformation

BAMnova Capital delivers high end-to-end business transformation and is a good fit for companies seeking world-class strategy, innovative technology solutions and organisational redesign as part of digital transformation.


  • Our team has a proven track record in telecom engineering, digital transformation, IoT, and cyber security expertise for large global telecommunication, banks, logistic, healthcare and manufacturing industries
  • Our experts have rich experience in big data analytics, asset management, telecom engineering, and economic – finance modelling/automation
  • Our flexible and experienced engineering are typically more cost effective than vendor professional services.